Armed Police Patrol Parts of Beijing As Pandemic Spreads

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May 18, 2020 Updated: July 23, 2020
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Zhangjiakou is known as Beijing’s Northern Gate for its strategic importance of several transport expressways that link Beijing to the northwestern region of China. As the pandemic continues, the regime has eased restrictions in Beijing on March 30. However, local Zhangjiakou authorities have put extensive police street patrols in place.

Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province: On the morning of April 28, authorities in Zhangjiakou launched a comprehensive armed patrol ceremony in the city’s main urban area. According to reports, a total of eight 24-hour police patrol teams were dispatched in Qiaodong District, Qiaoxi District, and the Economic Development Zone.
Officials said the area would “see police in the day, flashlights at night.”
Defiant social media users left critical and cynical comments:
Zhangjiakou has become the pilot city for armed patrol, which will spread to the entire state.

China is more and more like a prison state.

Surveillance cameras, police, face recognition, gait recognition, a prison society worse than a pigpen.
What’s the meaning of the existence of a fragile government?

Is this the way to treat a defenseless and enslaved people?

They openly regard all Chinese as enemies!

The economy is about to collapse, and there are more and more social instability factors. Be prepared in advance! People should die at home instead of causing trouble on the street.

The days of fascism are here!

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