Armaan Kohli Arrested: His Father Reportedly will Sue Sofia Hayat

December 19, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Armaan Kohli, a former Indian actor who was arrested for allegedly assaulting “Bigg Boss 7” co-participant Sofia Hayat during the show, will get some support from his father, Rajkumar Kohli, it was reported.

Hayat alleged that Armaan engaged in “physical assault” against her and he was arrested Dec. 16. Other reports said that he was arrested for sexual harassment.

But Rajkumar Kohli, according to the Times of India, was angry that his son went to jail over the alleged incident.

He said he will sue Hayat, a British model and actress, according to the newspaper. His lawyer has already apparently submitted the lawsuit.

Armaan was jailed for allegedly hitting Hayat with a mop on the show during a fight.

“Armaan is a very noble person,” his father said. Kohli already entered the “Bigg Boss” house.

But Vishnu Pawar, an inspector with the Lonavla city police told the Hindustan Times: “We obtained the CCTV footage of the bungalow and upon scanning it, we could verify Hayat’s allegations. Kohli was subsequently arrested on Monday night.”

Hayat also said she isn’t suing Kohli to grab fame.

“People told me I am doing this for publicity. But I say violence against women isn’t a joke. I don’t need publicity as I am doing well in life. People said nothing would come of it, but I had faith in the system,” she said.

Hayat also said she will sue the Colors TV channel.