Review: Are You a Clutter Bug?

By Philippa Rayment
Philippa Rayment
Philippa Rayment
July 22, 2008 Updated: October 1, 2015
Getting yourself organised in style can improve your quality of life as well as the look of your office. (
Getting yourself organised in style can improve your quality of life as well as the look of your office. (

Are you are a clutter bug who is in a mess and wants to get organised? Do you waste time looking for things and are frequently late for appointments?

For those of us who tear their hair out with not enough time and don’t know how to get organised, take heart – help is here. Workshops held at kikki.K boutiques will help you solve your problems with simple organisation strategies using their attractive office stationery.

The kikki.K products are the brainchild of Swedish-born Kristina “Kikki” Karlsson, who decided to set up a home office. In her struggle to find things that were functional as well as beautiful, she saw a gap in the home office market and decided to design her own. She now has kikki.K retail boutiques in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland, with over 120 stockists around the world. Kristina has received many awards from the business world, the latest being Best Small Business in the Ethnic Business Awards.

The kikki.K Desk Flow Management Workshop is designed to help you create a unique office space environment where you can be more creative, effective and productive. “Your office nightmare can be turned into a working sanctuary,” says the workshop introduction.

Kim Thomson is one of kikki.K’s professional organisers and holds workshops at the kikki.K boutique in Melbourne’s Southland Shopping Centre. Using kikki.K products from the boutique, Kim shows the participants simple strategies for maximum efficiency in keeping paper work under control.

“I love to empower people,” says Kim, “to give them information that will allow them a platform they can work from and they can start achieving the things that they want. That’s why I continue to do these workshops,” she laughs. “I love to inspire people.”

Kim’s workshop discusses the hidden costs of being disorganised, like not paying your bills on time, time costs, emotional cost and professional costs. She explains strategies to deal with home office “constipation” – piles of papers on the kitchen bench not going anywhere. Strategies include the use of an “In-tray” which has to be completely cleared on a designated day each week and a method of eliminating clutter either by date, number or space.

To eliminate clutter by space, you set aside a designated shelf space for, say, your cookbooks and make sure that you don’t use more space than you have allowed. If you buy a new cookbook, you need to take out one from the shelf and give it away or throw it out. That way, you won’t run out of space. Another strategy is to select a number, say 10 books, and if you buy one more than this number, you have to take one book out before you put another book in. This way, you only keep what you really need.

Get the idea? Quite a big change if you’re a hoarder! But if clutter stresses you out, then the strategies in this workshop will help change that. Anna Platt, one of the workshop attendees, said that she wastes so much time looking for things. “I have a busy life,” she explained. “I’ve got a business and two children, and I find that I file things, but I can’t remember where I file them.”

The kikki.K workshops are really about improving your quality of life. They can give you an insight into how best to use the products, resulting in a more organised and functional life.

If you can’t make it to a workshop, visit or, even better, visit a kikki.K boutique for personalised help.

Philippa Rayment
Philippa Rayment