‘Archer’ Season 5: Episode 1 Air Date, Trailer, and Spoilers

January 13, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

“Archer” season 5 has its premiere date on January 13, with episode 1 airing on Monday night at 10 p.m. on FX.

Spoilers about what will happen this season have been coming out, including a shift of the show that includes it being re-named “Archer Vice.”

H. Jon Benjamin, who voices Sterling Archer, told the Toronto Sun that the main characters won’t change “but there’s a change in scenario, a very big shift in what they do.”

In the season opener, the offices of the ISIS are raided, because Malory Archer allegedly didn’t have government authorization to run a spy agency.

They cut a deal with the federal authorities, but can’t run the service anymore, so they start a drug cartel, using a ton of cocaine snagged while they were still spies. 

“The progression of the season is going to kind of follow their adventures,” said Benjamin. “Even though it’s an entirely different world, it’s very similar.”

The comedy is still alive and well, though, reported Star Pulse, which has previewed the new season. 

“You’ll still be hurting yourself laughing throughout the first five episodes, for all the usual reasons. In particular, Pam (voiced wonderfully by Amber Nash) reaches a whole new level of crazy when she suffers some unfortunate consequences from the new get rich quick scheme. After that, she steals large parts of every subsequent episode. And we’ve still got a soft spot for Ray (voice of Reed), who becomes sort of responsible for Cheryl/Carol, much to his frustration. Even the destruction of ISIS is more funny than sad.”

And Cheryl. who is now super rich, is going to become a country music star, “Charlene.”

“She’s doing country songs, and we’re actually putting out a country album with the show this year,” executive producer Matt Tompson told Uproxx. “Not a joke. A country album.”


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