Angry Birds Epic Released for iPhone, Android, Windows

In case you missed it a week ago, “Angry Birds Epic” was released and is the latest game from Rovio in the popular franchise.

This time around, however, “Epic” is a roleplaying game that plays quite a bit differently than the original “Angry Birds” game, meaning there will be no bird-tossing in this game.

The game was released for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. “Get ready for a bird-tastic FREE RPG adventure filled with ‘weapons’ (whatever they could get ahold of), magic, bad guys and silly hats! Lead your feathery team into battle now – it’s going to be EPIC!” says Rovio about the game.

As of Thursday, the game has mostly positive reviews on Google Play and the Apple Store.

“Really good game The game takes maybye 5 mins to download audio and stuff then u get to play. At first its a glitchy process. Then it takes you into a world of battle and more than just slingshoting birds. Dont listen to the hate reviews this game is a good game (sic),” one person wrote.

Toms Guide also did a review of the game, giving it a 3 out of 5.

The website praised the free cost of the game, the simplicity, and the length.

But it noted there’s flaws such as in-game purchases and too many ads. The site also panned the game’s long loading time.

“Rovio has provided a refreshing twist on the traditional ‘Angry Birds’ experience for both new players and old fans who are looking for a change of pace. Gameplay is simple and has room for growth as your birds gain levels and combat the evil pigs, but the experience is dampened by the amount of ads, in-game currencies and connection requirements,” the site reads. “That said, ‘Angry Birds Epic’ is a decent mobile game to occupy your time while you wait for the ‘Transformers”-themed ‘Angry Birds’ game. Here’s hoping that Rovio can build on the foundation set by this epic adventure.”