Angela Green: Woman’s ‘Duckface’ Mugshot Now Viral

Angela Green, a 34-year-old Ohio woman, took a mugshot that went viral.

Green made the “duck face” when she got her photograph taken. A few hours later, it was bbeing shared thousands of times on Facebook and Twitter.

Green was arrested over the weekend for allegedly refusing to leave a Cleveland hotel room, WOIO reported.

Hotel management called police, saying Green and another person would not leave after the 11 a.m. cutoff time.

Green also would not identify herself after police showed up.

Police arrested her and charged her with obstructing official business.

19 Action News elaborated on the case, saying she gave them a fake name before becoming uncooperative and loud.

After a short struggle, she was arrested and taken into custody.

She was released on a $354 cash bond.

AP odd news update:

Meat mess on upstate NY road stinks up cars 

QUEENSBURY, N.Y. (AP) — Some car owners are raising a stink after driving a road littered with meat in upstate New York.

Dozens of chunks of meat were on the road in front of a mall Thursday in Queensbury, The Post-Star ( of Glens Falls said Saturday in reporting on the meat mystery in the town about 60 miles north of Albany.

Police believe meat fell off a truck that might have been heading from a farm or slaughterhouse to a rendering plant, but no one has come forward to claim it.

The state Department of Transportation cleaned the meat up, but driver James Teele and other motorists were still dealing with the aftermath Friday.

Teele said he immediately took his SUV to a car wash after driving through the mess en route home Thursday, “but it was too late.” He told the Post-Star: “My vehicle still smells like rotting meat” and flies are swarming around it.

He said he believes the offending material was chicken fat.

Local car washes were busy with motorists trying to obliterate the meat smell. As many as 35 drivers flocked to Hoffman Car Wash, which started asking them to hose off their cars in a self-service area before going through the automatic wash, manager Matt Phillips said.