An Everyday Task Left 11-Year-Old Girl in a Coma

March 5, 2018 Updated: March 5, 2018

An 11-year-old girl is in a coma, fighting for her life, after the seemingly safe, ordinary task of turning off a tap gave her a massive electric shock, on Saturday, March 3.

The young girl Denishar Parker, from Perth, Western Australia, was turning off an outdoor tap in her family’s front yard about 9 p.m. on Saturday when she was electrocuted. She was sent to Princess Margaret Hospital in a critical condition and has been placed on life support, reported 7News.

Her mother, Lacey Parker, was also shocked and injured by the incident, according to her Facebook post on Feb. 4.

Lacey said Denishar was trying to turn off the garden hose when she was shocked. When Parker heard her daughter’s cries, she quickly went to help but was also shocked.

“The hose has just gripped my baby’s body and just taken her down and just fried her,” Parker told 7News.

“And I’ve gone around ‘cos she’s screaming and it’s dropped me,” she added.

A neighbour, Merv Brown, who lived a few houses away heard the mother and daughter’s cries and quickly came to their assistance. He found the pair drenched in water. The 11-year-old girl appeared to be unconscious and her her heart had stopped. Her mother was also found in a bad condition.

“I’ve attempted to turn the water off from the tap, it gave me a really big shock,” Brown told the news station.

Parker said when paramedics arrived she was able to scream but not able to move.

“Me and my daughter were laying there screaming for them to stop this energy going through us,” she told the news station.

“And I felt my body going away and I’m like: ‘I’m a mother of seven kids, I cant go.'”

The incident is currently being investigated.

“This is a sad situation and our thoughts are with the family of the young girl,” the Department of Housing said, reported 7News.

“The Department of Communities (Housing) is awaiting further information from The Office of Energy Safety regarding the incident.”

The devastated mother said she had made multiple calls to the department to report the smell of burning wires and that the power had tripped. The department told her an electrician would be sent out to her house on Saturday or Sunday, reported 7News.

In a heartfelt post, Parker has asked people to pray for her daughter and has thanked the emergency crew and neighbours for their help.

Many social media users have expressed their support to her family.



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