Video Captures the Thrilling Moment Daredevil Narrowly Dodges Charging Bull

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April 19, 2019 Updated: April 19, 2019

While we are all good at something and have our own talents, some people tend to have more unusual talents than others. For example, some people have a talent to speak in front of large audiences but then there are some different talents such as being able to pull an airplane as we see in certain record books.

In this case, the people captured in the video have a crazy talent of doing tricks with charging bulls. Yes, you read that right, they let bulls charge at them with their horns and trick them in the wrong directions to avoid being hit by these angry animals. You’ll see in this video that there are many close calls between the trickster and the bull running towards him.

Most people would not want to find themselves in the same field as a bull, let alone less than a foot away from their face as it is charging at you. The people you will see pulling these crazy tricks in this video have to have great courage and the will to risk their lives to entertain people watching the show.

Watch the video and see how it is done!

Credit: ViralHog

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