After 200 Gruelling Hunts Chasing Prey, Hunter Bags Trophy Buck

November 15, 2017 Updated: November 15, 2017

He stalked his wounded prey—a majestic specimen of a male deer—over the course of over 200 hunts, spanning four years. Then finally, around 5 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 11, the bulldog spirit of Missouri hunter Tim Phillips prevailed and caught up with the elusive 39-point buck, reports KFVS.

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The St. Charles, Missouri, man posted photographs of his catch on his Facebook page. His post has been shared over 3,000 times and sparked a stream of comments–both from admirers as well as detractors.

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Tim Phillips’s Facebook post about landing a trophy buck was shared nearly 3,500 times. (Facebook)

Some challenged the hunter’s apparent use of technology in the hunt.

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The increasing deployment of hi-tech gear in hunting is a contentious issue, even among hunting aficionados. (Facebook)

Phillips said that the same buck was shot with a bow and arrow by a young female hunter in 2014, but managed to escape and recover. Then, a mere nine days before Phillips finally brought the buck down, his father hit it with an arrow, but the creature bolted. According to Phillips, he and his father tracked the injured animal, but couldn’t find it. The hunter then used a trail camera in his efforts to spot the deer and saw images of it daily. And then, the final foray on Saturday. Fateful for one, triumphant for another.

For readers not familiar with hunting lingo, a buck is a male deer, and the ‘points’ on a buck are the individual tines of a buck’s antlers. It is generally accepted that the more points a buck has, the more renown for the hunter, and many keep antlers (or “racks”) from their kills as trophies. And as for those intrigued by hunting terms like ‘just hunt the wind’ or ‘he’s an easy 3, could be 4-and-a-half’, look no further than the YouTube channel “Catch any deers?”.




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