Video: Adorable Three-Year-Old Girls’ First Judo Fight

May 10, 2019 Updated: May 21, 2019

Judo is a type of martial arts that children and adults can be trained in. It’s widely popular and you can find a judo master in almost all medium to large sized towns. Children from the age of 3 and up can participate and they even have competitions.

As two little girls step up to the fighting mat, both close to the age of 3, families and friends wait in anticipation for the round to take place. They’re ready for Round One! The children quickly engage in a tight wobbly hug that pulls them both to the floor of that mat. No kicking, punching, twisting or fighting, no, just young kids engaged in a hard hug and moving back and forth until they both collapse.

The cuteness isn’t over yet! They bow, they spin, they dance and they hug it out until they’re back on the floor again. While they are both following the simple instructions of for their age groups, the expression on their faces shouts how much fun they are having “competing” against each other.

The two children continue their grappling, laughing and collapsing in front of their families. While most older children and adults take the competition seriously, these two children showed the world the fun and enjoyment that children take in the learning process.

Video Credit: storyful