Actress: ‘It shows there is something bigger and beyond that is always guiding, helping us’

February 3, 2017

“I thought it was wonderful. … I connect to these dimensions and beautiful deities. It was a beautiful way of expressing it through art, through dance, through sound, because sound is very healing. It was quite a performance and I believe it will move people in such a different way by showcasing it the way it has been showcased.”


“I loved the scrolls of the amazing things (song lyrics displayed on the digital backdrop) that were written and translated through the heavens for the people, and how that was rejoiced.”


“[In the dances depicting the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China,] even though it showed that physically it looked like they didn’t have support or help, they did from the gods and heavens. It always shows that there is something bigger and beyond out there that is always guiding, helping us, or somehow revealing something that needs to be changed or transformed. So I really, really enjoyed it thoroughly.”


“It is where we came from—we came from the heavens. We came to this world, we forgot all about it, and we’re here to go back to it, to find our divinity. So I think it’s very important to see these types of [performances] because it takes us back. It ignites our heart to look into something much deeper in some way, to put some goodness out in some way, to [tell] some of these beautiful stories of love, of god, to give people that hope again.”


“I think it impacts people greatly. To put on a big performance like this—of something that is so controversial that is happening to the world—is also showing people who have different callings that [if some adversity is] happening in their cultures or in their countries, [that they] can come out and know that they can put on something beautiful like this. No matter if it is rejected by their country, others will respond. So, I think it is wonderful.”