A Global Issue: Tackling Drunk Driving

March 24, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

Drunk driving is undoubtedly a global issue, and one that is particularly prominent in Western nations such as the U.S. and UK. While this is widely accepted, however, many people fail to recognise that it has much of an issue among female drivers and their male counterparts. A number of articles have highlighted this issue, with middle-aged women among the most prominent ‘at-risk’ groups. This may come as a surprise to some, with so many historical PSA campaigns and advertisements focused on tackling male drivers as the most likely to operate their vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.

Advertisement campaigns are crucial to driving awareness about drink driving and its dangers, although there is a sense that the so-called ‘shock’ and male-dominated PSA’s of the 1990’s failed to achieve their aim. This is partially due to the fact that the content included lacked crucial viral qualities, while women were scarcely included as anything other than victims of drunk-driving. This is something that has been addressed to some degree in this recent video by Slang, which features both male and female drivers and uses engaging narrative rather than spectacular visual effects to make its point.

Also covering a broad base of cultures, this contemporary PSA is likely to appear to a wider demographic than the typical PSA. It also has the potential to go viral, meaning that the video has a far greater chance of driving genuine awareness about a global concern. Above all else, it has a clear message: no matter how you say it, if you are drinking then you shouldn’t be driving.