A Child Who Survives Miraculously

October 9, 2017 Updated: October 10, 2017

Saving a child in in a terrorist attack that left nearly 100 dead and injured resembles a miracle.

It might be hard to believe, but it is what happens sometimes in real life.

On a September Friday afternoon, at 1 o’clock when the inhabitants of Qalaye Najarha of Kabul convened at a mosque to perform the Friday prayer, ISIS affiliated terrorist assailants attacked the mosque.

At the very first move, they shot dead the guard of the mosque and then the 3 attackers entered the shrine.

(Courtesy of Juma Ali Hassanyar)

2 of the attackers reached the second floor where women were performing prayers, along with their children sitting down and looking around. They butcherly started killing women and children at the place. Some were shot dead and some others massacred by the blades of the terrorists.

Then the attackers returned to the first floor where young and old men were trying to flee. Some couldn’t make it and finally lost their lives.

After an hour of fighting the security forces finished the attackers up.

The attack that resulted in 28 dead and 50 injured; but among all this, the miraculous survival of a kid attracts everyone’s attention.

That 4-year-old Ahmad who is nowadays the cane of his grandfather was accompanying him when the blasts rocked the mosque and the smoke made it difficult to find the way out of the ruined mosque. Ahmad’s infantine thoughts led him toward the exit.

3 soldiers with their armaments at the exit door called him to run as soon as they learned that Ahmad was in the yard.

It was a critical moment to make a decision for the little Ahmad, who fled through the unprecedented and horrified scene of terror and massacre and now faced another gunman.

The moment when the police officers were trying to lead Ahmad toward the exit while Ahmad was looking desperately toward them was caught by a journalist’s camera. The picture went viral on the social media but later national and international media outlets wrote stories on how this miraculous survival happened.

(Courtesy of Juma Ali Hassanyar)

Eventually, the 4-year-old Ahmad unbelievably was saved by the police and returned to his family.

The survival gave him another chance to live, but he may never forget the bloodcurdling moment he experienced at the holy house of the God.

Ahmad’s story is the story of death, a story in which it was possible that this 4-year-old child could lose his life any day, and would forever say goodbye to his family like his grandfather.

But the ANSF (Afghan National security force) helped save four-year-old Ahmad, and he recovered the chance of living again.

Having heard of such stories and incidents happening every day in Afghanistan, man concludes that if he does not lose his hope for life and he tries to save other human beings, he will succeed and can save many lives in difficult conditions.

The 4-year-old Ahmad’s story and the presence of Afghan security forces will always remain in the minds of the people of this country.

Especially for those who go to the mosque all day to pray.


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