7 Headlines You Won’t Read Anywhere Else Today: Jan. 20

By Tina Tatarková, Epoch Times
January 20, 2014 Updated: January 20, 2014

Germany: How much is ‘Made in Germany’ really worth?

Goods and services from Germany still have a good reputation – but a label alone isn’t enough to guarantee sales and German businesses will have to take steps to improve their own brands, a new study shows.
German politicians and industry lobby groups are adamant: The label “Made in Germany” is key to the country’s businesses and should not be done away with. …



Japan: Duo shatter stereotypes of China, Japan through photos of children

As the relationship between Japan and China continues to worsen over an ongoing territorial dispute, Reiko Miyake has heard other Japanese in Beijing say so many times, “That’s what the Chinese are …”
But Miyake believes there is no stereotypical Chinese: not in a nation with the diversity that comes from having the world’s largest population, with more than 1.3 billion people. Miyake, 46, created a website called “Billion Beats” (BB) two years ago to portray real-life Chinese. …

Asahi Shimbun


Korea: ‘Win-win partnerships’ key to Korea-Africa relations

For ties between South Korea and Africa, 2012’s Korea-Africa Forum was a game changer. But what is key now is implementing what was agreed and building win-win partnerships, according to Nigeria’s ambassador to Korea.

He is optimistic that the two nations will convene their fifth Joint Korea-Nigeria Commission in Seoul in the second quarter of the year, and make arrangements for a state visit by Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan. …

The Korea Herald


Australia: Why Inside Llewyn Davis is my favourite Coen brothers film: Lynden Barber

The latest Coen brothers film, Inside Llewyn Davis, takes a step back in history to the early ‘60s New York folk scene, when being authentic was almost more important than being successful. Music and film critic Lynden Barber discusses what he says is his favourite Coen brothers film.

The American myth, particularly in terms of performance and showbusiness, is the myth of rags to riches. The artists struggle against adversity to finally triumph, and they have some falls along the way. In the case of Ray Charles, the fall might be infidelity, his blindness, his heroin use. …



Spain: Spanish sun draws record tourist numbers


Record numbers of foreign tourists poured into Spain in 2013 to bake on sunny beaches but a new challenge lies ahead: luring them to holiday spots inland.
An unprecedented 60.4 million foreign tourists came to Spain last year, spending an estimated 45.1 billion euros ($61 billion), according to industry association Exceltur.
The visitors came mostly from Britain, Germany and France, with a jump in Russian tourist numbers, too, it said. …

The Local


Bhutan: Money can´t buy cars

Parliamentarians find themselves in a situation they call ironic, with money in hand to buy themselves duty cars, but without permit to import one.
They received the lump sum Nu 700,000 vehicle allowance for the purpose soon after they assumed office.
However, on November 25, 2013, a letter from the finance ministry to both National Assembly and National Council secretary-generals disallowed parliamentarians from importing cars. …

Kuensel Online


Poland: Polish poultry giant announces expansion

Meat processing company Drobimex has announced plans to spend 40 million zloty (9.6 million euro) on expanding the business.
Drobimex, which among other clients sells meat to Kentucky Fried Chicken in Poland, the UK, France, Denmark and Malta aims to increase its production capacity from 105,000 to 160,000 chicken portions per day….

The News