7 Headlines You Won’t Read Anywhere Else Today: August 8

By Tina Tatarková, Epoch Times

Vietnam: Vietnamese math genius calls for education overhaul at US Consulate conference

Vietnam’s universities have dipped to a regional low due to poor hiring practices, cronyism, and low professor salaries and research funding, Professor Ngo Bao Chau said during a recent conference in Ho Chi Minh City.
The highly-decorated mathematic genius, who is a recipient of the Field Medal which is considered the Nobel prize of mathematics in 2010, said the protocols for building faculties and promoting research in Vietnam run contrary to international best practices. … (Read more)
Thanhnien News

France: ‘The French among the world’s stingiest tippers’

The French have never been big on tipping, but according to a new survey they increasingly pay what they owe and not a penny more. An expert has an interesting explanation, which has nothing to do with the French being cheap. … (Read more)
The Local

Iceland: Mysterious Noises Coming From Volcano

trange rumblings coming from the tuya Herðubreið are confounding observers as to their possible source.

Vísir reports that visitors to the mesa-shaped volcano in northeast Iceland have been unable to determine if the persistent rumblings coming from Herðubreið are being caused by an avalanche, landslide, or something else entirely. Rangers around Herðubreið were the first to announce the rumblings, which lasted about 30 seconds. … (Read more)



Alaska: Alaskans should pay attention to predictions about ocean acidification

A new study was released this week essentially saying something Alaskans have been hearing for quite a while — the acidity levels in Alaska’s fish-rich waters pose an increasingly high danger to the fish and shellfish populations, and therefor, those Alaskans who depend on the oceans for their income and their subsistence stores. … (Read more)

The Arctic Sounder


Greece: Rebranding backgammon

It’s a simple, smart and fresh idea that fits in perfectly with the trend for “rebranding Greece.”

Under the Greek White label, Sandy Tsantaki and Eleni Koulouvatou came up with the idea and the design for an on-the-go backgammon set made of beautiful Greek fabrics. “Backgammon a la Grecque” … (Read more)



Austria: Policeman dancing goes viral

An Austrian policeman attending a match in uniform at a football club in Vienna was caught dancing on camera. A visiting team, FC Azadi, a Persian team from Bochum in Germany, provided fellow dancers and musical accompaniment. … (Read more)

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Malaysia: Honest hotel staff returns money to owner

The 72-year-old hotel guest had left the bag in the safe in his room and checked out without realising he had left the bag behind.

The Australian was on his way to Kuala Lumpur yesterday when the hotel management contacted him. Only then did he realise he had left his bag behind at Hotel Equatorial here. The hotel management then arranged an appreciation event for Norashimah and awarded her an exclusive plaque for her honesty. … (Read more)

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*Image of volcanism in Iceland via Shutterstock