60-Year-Old Mom Tired of Looks Gets Drastic Makeover: ‘Don’t Recognize Myself’

July 12, 2019 Updated: August 6, 2019

Debbie, of Chicago, said she always wanted a makeover. With her 60th birthday near, she figured it was no better time to actually do it.

“This is a time I’m either gonna let my hair go completely grey or get the courage to set up the appointment and follow through with it,” she said in a YouTube video.

According her account in a video from “MAKEOVERGUY,” her husband didn’t understand why she wanted to change, but her daughter encouraged her and said it was something she should do for herself.

She saw videos on YouTube and decided to ask for help.

“Debbie came in with white regrowth and brown ends on very curly hair,” MAKEOVERGUY said.

She told him: “Do whatever you want.”

“She didn’t know her ideal colors where were not gray and black, but warm and spring like colors. Not an easy correction but the strawberry blonde with highlights was exactly it. Width in shape to bring the focus up to her eyes, and ‘just a touch’ of makeup. Not really. We completely recreated her face with the help of contour, color and brows,” he says.

After the makeover, she was shocked.

“I don’t recognize myself,” Debbie said. “My family’s not going to recognize me, either.”

In the comments section, people praised the channel.

“Wow wow wow wow! Fabulous not just for this makeover. But it looks as if she got a face lift and lost 20 pounds. You’re a master! Best makeover so far in my opinion. What a great woman. I’m next! Please!” said one woman.

Added another: “Holy smokes this is incredible! Get the car ready, we all need to drive to Minnesota to see the magic man. I am at a loss for words. Just WOW.”