5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Front Lawn

December 30, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

Improving the look of your front lawn doesn’t have to be expensive or overwhelming. There are simple changes you can make that can really change the way your home looks from the street. You may want to stop by the nursery and shop for new plants and shrubs, or you could check out new fencing options for the front yard.

Upgrade the Landscaping

The good news about landscaping is that you can spend as little or as much as you want to make big or small changes in your yard. A simple way to update landscaping is to add container gardens or simply plant new flowers, shrubs, and other plants. Those who have a larger budget can remove or add new trees, add pathways, redesign the shape of the lawn, and add or remove flowerbeds. You may also want to spend a little extra to put in a brand new lawn, which can provide a lush and green yard for years to come. 

Add Outdoor Lighting

One way to change up the look and feel of your front yard is to add more lighting outside. There are so many different styles of lighting options, so you can find something that will fit with the style of your home. Check out the solar-powered options as well, which rely on the sun’s rays to provide enough light to get through the night. You may want to reconsider this option if you live somewhere that doesn’t get much sunlight, since it won’t be as reliable. Some of the lights are taller, which can cast light through the whole yard.

Modify the Mailbox

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One aspect of the front yard that many people don’t think too much about is the mailbox. However, if your mailbox is outdated or looking a little beat up, it may be worth considering replacing it. You can choose a more contemporary style of mailbox that complements your modern home or select a classic style. If you want to match the color to the exterior paint of your home, you can also make it your own personal style. You may also want to add a new flower garden or plants around the mailbox to dress it up a little.

Outdoor Artwork Display

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Another fun way to update the look of your yard is to add some artwork. You might choose a sculpture or painted stones that fit with your style. Birdbaths also provide a stylish upgrade to the yard, along with providing a cool place for the local wildlife to cool off on a warm day. You can shop for decorative bird feeders, which add a splash of color and a spot for birds to stock up on seeds before winter comes. If you want to have the best yard in the neighborhood, be sure to visit YardEnvy.com for ideas. 

Repaint the Front Door

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If you want to add a bold statement to your front yard, you can always change the look of your front door. A bright color like red or blue can really stand out against the green and other colors of your lawn. Change hardware at the front of the house, such as house numbers, light fixtures, and/or door handles and locks to add to the new look. Oiled bronze fixtures look great on traditional home styles while brushed nickel is complementary for a modern style. Any of these simple modifications are affordable, yet can improve the look of your front yard.

When you are shopping for changes to your front yard, you can always talk to an expert in landscaping or yard design. He or she can provide tips that will fit within your budget to help update the yard. If you want to make significant changes, it may be worth it to hire a landscaper, but more simple options can often be done yourself to save a little money. There are also a lot of shows on TV and plenty of information online that can provide a guide to updating your front yard.