Five Basketball Trick Shots That Will Blow Your Mind

By Jim Liao, Epoch Times
June 19, 2014 Updated: June 19, 2014

Even if you’ve never played a possession of basketball, you can still earn the “ballin” title by hitting some sick basketball trick shots.

“Ballin” is almost an understatement concerning Youtube user KDP Trick Shots’ trick shot above.

Jumping on a trampoline with a basketball between his feet, he performs a back-flip while simultaneously hurling the ball into a basket some 70 feet away.

Perhaps more impressively, the shot was performed on a broken wrist, according to the video description.

Below are 5 more of the crazier tricks shots on Youtube for the viewing pleasure.


Here’s a completely accidental trick shot that earned an appearance on Americas Funniest Home Videos.

Here, a bride with her back to the basket mistakenly, but brilliantly throws her bouquet into the basketball net.


Apparently filmed at the University of Arkansas, the ball makes three bounces on the rooftop, one long bounce on concrete, and then finds the bottom of the net to the cheers of roughly a dozen students.


This one required a few extra tools: a bike and a skateboard. In one fluid motion, user amdybmx19 wheelies on his bike and “bunny-hops” the ball into the net.


Dubbed the ‘World’s Longest Basketball Shot’, the ball was hurled from the 3rd deck of Kyle Field — the Texas A&M Aggies’ football stadium.


Featured on ABC News, teen Benn Lapp combines music and sports as he plays a guitar solo while playing basketball. Of course, his solo ends with the sound of the ball swishing through the net.