5 Handy Apps Every Lawyer Will Love

May 27, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

Efficiency and productivity are both your middle names if you have been working in the legal field these days. These five apps will help you keep a paperless office, do more things on the go, and always have necessary references at hand.

1. CudaSign

This app quickly became a true hit — even NBA star Deron Williams used it to sign his $98 million contract! As a lawyer, it will make your life so much easier. Whether you need to quickly finish the paperwork to register a trademark for your client on the go or sign a letter of representation, you can do it fast and efficiently with this secure app.

Just upload any Word/PDF/Rich Text document from your phone, email, or Dropbox, sign it with your finger, and send it back to anyone or save it into your account. Besides, you can collect signatures from your clients the same way without all the printing-scanning hassle. A true life-saver for all the busy lawyers out there.

Available from $2.99 per month for iOS and Android.

2. CLE Master

The name speaks for itself — CLE Master helps you keep an eye on your CLE hours by your compliance period and has an overview page showing how much you lack in the particular subject area even if you are licensed in more than one state. The app also allows you to create and email reports straight from the app.

Available for $9.99 for iOS.

3. ScanBizCards HD Lite

Paper business cards may be outdated already, but not in the legal world. You usually get dozens of them at any networking event, and from your clients, friends, and anyone who hears you are a lawyer. Instead of stashing them all in the bottom desk drawer, scan all of them with your phone camera straight to your phone contacts. Apart from just scanning, the app has some premium features like sending a quick follow-up/introduction email, adding a relevant reminder to your calendar, and more.

Available for iOS and Android for free with in-app purchases.

4. Civ Pro Rules

Cliff Maier is a brilliant attorney as well as a popular app developer, who made this amazing app. Civ Pro Rules is arguably the most accurate and easy-to-navigate out of all Federal Rules of Civil Procedure apps. You can search by title, rule, or phrase and afterwards email the relevant section to yourself.

Available for iOS.

5. JuryTracker

Use this handy app to learn how to remember and monitor juries during the trial. It helps you take better notes by prompting key features to write down like juries’ age, race, religion, gender, education background and more; identify and take notes of a jury’s emotions at certain phases — their behavior, including smiling, taking notes, fidgeting — to later analyze for your own benefit.

Available for $4.99 for iOS.