465 Quit CCP on Olympic Opening Day

August 16, 2008 7:21 am Last Updated: April 15, 2012 2:57 pm

Recently, a song in Beijing called “Beijing Welcomes You” has become quite popular, which we find ridiculous. In reality, the Chinese regime is tightening up control in China.

To guarantee a “safe Olympics” the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials at various levels take strict measures to stop protestors, absolutely prohibiting people to appeal in Beijing during the Olympic Games. Key petitioners are being monitored 24 hours a day.

Large numbers of Falun Gong practitioners are illegally taken into brainwashing centers; also arrested are those who appeal to the government for forcible relocation. It’s reported that only after the Beijing Olympics will they be released. Identification cards are required now even when you buy train tickets. Handbags are searched, and identification cards are examined upon entering trains, cars, and buses. I also heard that Beijing has installed ground-to-air missiles during the Olympic Games. 

How could this be called “Beijing Welcomes You”? It seems as if they take every grass and tree as a potential enemy soldier, and are on guard for all possible “dangers.”

Beijing has reportedly set up three demonstration areas for the Olympics. They are doing this to show the international community that they are honoring their promise to improve human rights when they applied to host the games. In reality, what the CCP fears the most is ordinary people appealing to Beijing’s higher authorities for help. As the Chinese proverb has it, “Covering one’s ears when stealing a bell,” the CCP is only deceiving itself.

Olympic Games of this nature have never occurred in history, and in the future, there won’t be another like this.

This has exposed the CCP’s nature of speaking sweetly but doing only evil. The CCP claims to “represent the fundamental interests of the vast majority of the Chinese people,” but it has become a common enemy for the Chinese people. “He who wins the support of the people will flourish; he who loses the support of the people will perish.”

Losing the support of the people is just one of the signs that the CCP is on the verge of disintegration. “The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” offers us a clear opportunity to see through the CCP’s evil nature, showing us that we have been lied to. In order not to be eliminated with the CCP, we have decided to withdraw from the CCP as its demise comes.

History will not wait forever for those who don’t believe in the coming death of the CCP. For those who refuse to believe, they will face grim reality. When that time comes, those who haven’t withdrawn from the CCP may not even have the opportunity to shed tears.

Wan Zhenzhen, Wan Shishun, Huang Yun and 462 other people (the complete withdrawal list, is on The Epoch Times’ Tuidang website)

Hubei Province, China

August 8, 2008

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