3-Year-Old Boy’s Adoption Photo Goes Viral

December 24, 2017 Updated: December 24, 2017

An adorable 3-year-old boy from Peoria, Arizona found a “forever family” just in time for Christmas when he was adopted by his foster family.

Little Michael Brown quickly became an internet sensation after his overjoyed adoptive sister tweeted photos of the 3-year-old’s reaction to the adoption.

“I just tweeted, ‘We are his forever family.’ It just blew up on Twitter,” older sister, Dea Brown, told WAFB.

Tara Montgomery, Michael’s adoptive mother, said the boy was placed in her care two years ago on Feb. 14 and was supposed to reunite with his biological mother.

“Michael was placed with us on Feb. 14, 2015, when he was 18 months old. We were his third foster family,” Montgomery told ABC News. “His original case plan was reunification with his ‘bio-mom.’ When that plan failed, a new plan was set. As a single parent, I was not looking to adopt, just to help kids during transition.”

After spending 832 days in the foster care system, Michael was officially adopted on Dec. 20 in Phoenix, Arizona, after living with Montgomery’s family for more than a year.

“My children’s last name is Brown. He’s already a Brown. Everyone says he looks like the girls,” Montgomery told WAFB.

Montgomery is a single mother of three girls, ages 23, 17, and 16. She said the adoption was just “meant to be.”

“We got him on Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day and now this for Christmas, it’s meant to be,” she told the news station.

The tweet garnered more than 141,000 likes and received over 56,000 retweets as of Dec. 24. Many social media users were happy for the family.

The adoptive mother is happy that the photo of Michael’s adoption has gone viral as it helps raise awareness about adoption and the need that exists, reported WAFB.

“If you are thinking about it [adoption], just do it. The impact you are making will last a lifetime on the child,” Montgomery said.

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