3 Car Logos with Interesting Stories

February 9, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

A good logo is vital for any business. It needs to be iconic and in line with the brand, while inspiring trust. While logos are often just the brilliant work of a designer, his imagination and ability to create an image that fits the business perfectly, sometimes there’s a lot more to it. Here are three car brand logos that were born from more than creativity.


We all know BMW for their luxurious cars and slick sports cars. But many people don’t realize that wasn’t what they focused on in the beginning. They originally were focused on aircraft engines. In 1918, they had to stop making them, though. When the Treaty of Versailles went into effect, it was illegal to produce aircraft engines in Germany. So what did they do? They shifted their focus to automobiles.

But their logo stayed true to their original focus. It’s supposed to represent white airplane propellers with a blue sky as the backdrop. Source: Car Crushing


The Lamborghini is known all around the world as a powerful, high-end sports car. Its black and goldish yellow logo has several interesting links that most people don’t really know about. The gold bull in the center? It’s meant to be representative of they zodiac sign Taurus, which is what sign the founder falls under. But they also apparently chose a bull, because of the popularity of bull fighting in Italy and Spain. They use this in their favor too, by using the names of famous bulls as several of their model names. Source All Car Brand List


They Toyota logo we know today debuted in 1989. The symbols in the center are intentionally supposed to be representative of the letter “T”. The three ovals each have their own unique meaning. The two in the center that overlap are supposed to convey trust between the company and its customers. The outer oval is supposed to represent the worldwide expansion of the company and the infinite possibilities and opportunities in the future. The same is true for the intentional blank white space.

However, some speculate that the logo is actually supposed to be representative of the eye of a needle. They believe it’s because Toyota company is a spinoff of another one that produced sewing machines and looms. And some say that each letter of the word “Toyota” is intertwined into the design as seen at the source link below.

Source: Design Shack