2 Ways to Block the Volume Buttons on Android

By Judy Sanhz
Judy Sanhz
Judy Sanhz
January 30, 2016 Updated: January 30, 2016

It’s something that happens all the time, and surely it has happened to you with your Android device: The volume button changes by itself or you accidentally change it. It may have also happened when you lent someone your phone, and when you got it back, you received it either muted or with the volume level low. You only discover this when you grab your phone and see all those missed calls. That can be frustrating, especially if you are waiting for an important phone call.

Keep reading and you will discover two ways that will prevent you or other people from changing the volume levels on your Android device (tablets included).

Make the Volume Buttons Control Only the Music

With this method, you kill two birds with one stone. Normally, the volume buttons control the ringer, but with this solution you can change that and make it control the volume for the music you are hearing.

Rocket Locker is an app that will help you with this. All you have to do is activate it. From that moment on, every time you press the volume buttons on your device, the multimedia volume will be changed and not the ringer volume. If you ever want to change the volume of the ringer, you can do that manually by going to “Settings -> Sound.”


How to Block the Volume Buttons

The first thing you are going to need to do is download the Volume Lock & Mute app from Google Play, but don’t open it just yet. With this app you can say goodbye to someone changing your volume settings on your phone.


Set the volume of your phone to where you would like it to stay. Once that is set, open the app and tap the box that says Lock Volume at Current Level. There you will also see the “Lock Voice Call Volume” and “Lock Media Volume.”

There are more of those kinds of apps in Google Play that are completely free. You can try Volume Lock Control (RecoSystems) and Volume Locker (Shopriant). Besides blocking the ringer volume and the volume for the notifications, I t can do much more since the apps can block the volume for the alarm, music, games, volume during calls, the volume of the taps on your phone’s display and the system sounds.

Remember that with Volume Locker, if you change the ringer volume with the button on your phone, the app will give you thurry seconds to apply these changes. If you do not do anything within this time frame, the app will automatically apply the previously programmed settings.


With these useful apps, you will no longer have to put up with those annoying situations when you realize that your preferred settings have been changed by either someone you lent your phone to or by you (accidentally, of course). If you found this information useful, don’t forget to give it a share, and let us know which one you plan on using or currently use in the comments.

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Judy Sanhz