1968 Mustang Sold on Craigslist With Jar of Owner’s Ashes Inside

June 16, 2019 Updated: June 16, 2019

A 1968 Ford Mustang GT that was parked for 40 years was sold for $23,000 but came with a highly unusual item.

While it isn’t uncommon for the seller of a vehicle to leave behind items in their car, the purchaser of this vehicle discovered the original owner’s ashes inside.

Buyer Zach Taylor bought the rare Mustang, which has a V8 engine and had been parked inside a Florida barn since around 1970.

The owner, James, died several years ago; and his best friend, Bruce, asked the family if he could buy the muscle car, according to Fox News. They agreed, and he moved it to North Carolina.

However, Bruce was not able to get the rusty car fixed, so he put it up for sale on Craigslist. Zach Taylor, a car collector, bought it.

When Taylor inspected the vehicle, he found a jar with ash inside. He asked Bruce about it, who said it contained James’s remains.

According to Fox, Bruce told Taylor that he could keep them together with the car.

The initial account was posted on the MustangFanClub, which said: “While Zach was looking over the interior of the Mustang, he noticed a jar full of something that looked like powder. Zach asked the owner, ‘What’s up with the jar on the inside?’ The current owner replied, ‘That’s James!’ Zach took a moment to gather his thoughts and understand everything that was just said. After a brief pause, Zach responded with ‘Well, does James come with the car?’”

For several months, the two deliberated on the price of the vehicle, and Taylor bought it for $7,000. He later determined that he couldn’t restore it and put it on Craigslist again.

It was recently sold for $23,000 to a buyer in the United Kingdom, Fox News reported.

Corner Classics owner Colin Budden, who bought the car, said he is now working to restore the vehicle.

He noted that the jar of James’s remains was located in the center console of the vehicle when it arrived.

Budden said that he isn’t sure what to do with the remains, but told Fox that he is thinking to somehow place the ashes into the Mustang’s chassis.