10-Year-Old Girl Shot During Parking Lot Gun Battle. Here’s What Happened to Her

June 8, 2018 Updated: June 8, 2018

A girl that threw herself on top of her baby brother during a parking lot gun battle was honored by local government officials.

Ten-year-old Aaliyah Inghram was congratulated and praised by Clark County, Nevada officials. The county declared June 5 Aaliyah Inghram Day.

“You are a ray of sunshine,” said a man attending the event.

“Thank you for giving us hope,” said a woman.

Her mother Samantha Tygrit, 18-month old brother, 15-month-old, and 4-year-old cousins were in the parking lot of Walmart when a gunfight broke out between two people. Aaliyah threw her body over her cousin and brother. A bullet hit her in the back.

“My first reaction was to get out and hers was to jump on her brother,” said Aaliyah’s mother. “She jumped on top of his car seat when I told her to get on the ground. And if she hadn’t, the bullet would have probably hit him in his midsection.”

Samantha was also hit by a bullet in the shoulder. She managed to pull her 4-year-old out of the car and press him to the ground to evade gunshots, Samantha told KVVU.

“I hoped that my brother will be okay and I really wanted him to stay alive because he’s really young,” Aaliyah told the Clark County Commission.

Aaliyah still has that bullet lodged in her back. Next month, she will have surgery to get it removed.

“I didn’t want the baby to get hurt so I like stepped in front of the babies. If I wouldn’t have stood in front of my brother, he would have been shot in the stomach,” Aaliyah told KVVU. “Good thing that my brother’s okay because I would rather be shot than him be shot.”

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One of the shooters was sent to the hospital in critical condition, the other fled the scene, KVVU reported.


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