10-year-old College Student Expecting Scholarship

January 29, 2006 Updated: January 29, 2006

Last summer Zhang Xinyang became the youngest college student in mainland China. Now 10 years old, he is expected to be awarded a university scholarship.

Xinyang was enrolled at Tianjin University of Technology and Education with a score of 510, a decent score in China's national college entrance examination. During his first semester in college he had a perfect attendance record. By the time he had completed his first set of final exams, Xinyang was one of the top students in his class for technical studies.

“Although Xinyang has started university studies, he still acts like a 10 year-old boy,” his father said. During his first days at the university there were many distractions. Everything at the campus was new and exciting to him. As a result, he was unable to focus.” I was fooling around too much,” Xinyang said.

Xinyang thoroughly enjoys campus life. He studies hard. In his free time he has many activities outside of class, including poker. Yiyang can often be found playing poker with his older classmates.

Xinyang would sometimes get distracted in class. His teachers are understanding and provide the extra guidance required by their youngest student. His father's added supervision resulted in a perfect attendance record. Among the courses he took, Xinyang's best performances are in the advanced calculus and statistics course.

In mid-term exams, Xinyang's math score ranked third among all students in his grade at the university. At the beginning of his studies, he ranked first in the English test. His advantage, he said, was that he was already familiar with the vocabulary in the Level-Four English exam.

When talking about his recently completed final exams, Xinyang is very confident. He expects high grades in both advanced calculus and statistics. His teacher said with his grades, he is very likely to be awarded a university scholarship.

Xinyang studies hard each and every day. His methods of study focus on being proactive and understanding rather than rote memorization.