10 Insanely Easy Ways to Make Your Entryway More Inviting for the Holidays

By Hometalk.com
November 20, 2014 Updated: November 20, 2014

Holiday season is almost upon us, which means guests will be arriving soon! Whether you’re having new visitors or familiar friends and family, your home can always make a fabulous first impression if you know how to dress it up for the event! Check out these 10 easy tips, to give your entryway the fashionable facelift it needs to impress your guests this season!

1. Eye-Catching Wall Decor


Framed and Decorated Foyer Walls (Hometalker Kate @Eating in the Shower)
Framed and Decorated Foyer Walls (Hometalker Kate @Eating in the Shower)

Your guests’ first impression of your home hangs on what they see first when they enter, so engage them immediately, with eye-catching wall decor, like this gallery wall.

2. Rug or Runner

Home Tour (Hometalker Krista @The Happy Housie)

Hardwood floors give your foyer a beautiful look, but rugs and carpets are a comfortable welcome for guests who have been traveling, and enable a warm reception.

3. Homey Details

Creating an Entryway (Hometalker Amy @The Blissful Bee)

Having shoes, favorite books, folded scarves, or hanging jackets on display in your foyer makes your home feel lived-in and loved, and your visitors to feel welcome.

4. Mirrors

Beautiful Entry Way With Wow-Factor (Hometalker Karen @Redoux Interiors)

Did you know that large mirrors create the feeling of familiarity? Allowing your guests to see their reflection as they enter your residence makes them feel more settled in and at ease!

5. Helpful Receptacles

Foyer Makeover (Hometalker Anna @Ask Anna)

Umbrella buckets, coat racks, and benches give your guests a place to put down their outdoor gear or bulky bags as soon as they enter your home, letting them feel instantly taken care of and grateful.

6. Bright Lighting

Mini Foyer Makeover (Hometalker Barb @The Everyday Home)

Ceiling lights in an enclosed entryway can be glaring and make the space feel smaller, but a warm lamp with a slim base and a wide shade will cast an inviting glow, without becoming overpowering.

7. Warm Wall Color

Updated Little Foyer (Hometalker Kimberly @Quirky Cool Living)

Create a warm atmosphere by creating warm-colored space in your entryway. Use warm wall paint, or, for an easier option, hang art or photos in warm red and orange tones.

8. Decor Theme

Coastal Nautical Foyer (Hometalker Krista @The Happy Housie)

If you’re looking for a quick way to tie your decor together, decide on a theme and include different pieces and elements that accentuate it, like seashells for a nautical foyer.

9. Fresh Flowers

Entryway Glam (Hometalker Jennifer @Our Southern Table)

This simple trick works every time – a fresh vase of flowers in your entryway keeps your foyer fresh and dynamic, and natural elements help to bring an air of ease to your guests, and even your household!

10. Tabletop Display

Autumn Farmhouse Entryway (Hometalker The Farmhouse Porch @Farmhouse Porch)

To add seasonal spice, switch up your entry tabletop decor, creating holiday themed displays with natural elements, colorful details, and even a festive sign or two!

Bonus: Chairs and Benches

11 - bonus
Entryway Before and After (Hometalker Christina @No. 29 Design)

If you have the space, a small table and chair or a cute bench can turn an entryway into a living space, making the space feel like part of the house, rather than like an empty hallway.

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