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Trump Welcomes Immediate Release of FBI’s Warrant From Mar-a-Lago Raid; CDC Revises COVID Guidelines | NTD Good Morning

Former President Donald Trump is encouraging the immediate release of the warrant used in the FBI search of his home.  He’s alleging the raid was motivated by people who don’t want him to run for president again in 2024.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does away with COVID quarantine and social distancing recommendations. The agency announced new recommendations on Aug. 11.

A man is shot and killed by police after trying to breach an FBI building in Ohio. Find out what’s known so far about the standoff and shootout that ensued.

Topics in this episode include:

1. CDC Ends Covid Quarantine and Distancing Recommendation
2. Man Killed After ‘Trying to Breach’ FBI Building
3. US AG Merrick Garland on FBI Raid at Trump’s Home
4. Heritage Foundation Oversight Director on FBI Raid
5. Trump Encourages Immediate Release of Documents
6. Submersible Drug Boat Seized By Police in Panama
7. California’s New Water Strategy
8. Water War Brewing In CO And NEB. Over River Access
9. Toronto Power Outage Causes Disruption
10. Record-High Home Prices
11. United Airlines Invests $10M in Electric Helicopters
12. S. Korea Pardons Samsung’s Lee Over ‘Economic Crisis’
13. Metro Hires Falcon to Keep Station Pigeon-Free
14. French Deep Diver Breaks World Record
15. Bear Cub Poisoned By ‘Mad Honey’

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