Surviving NYC Amid Lockdowns, Riots, Crime, High Taxes: Morton Williams Co-owner | NTD Business Leaders

February 7, 2021 Updated: February 7, 2021

Avi Kaner co-owns the iconic Morton Williams supermarket chain in New York City. It’s a remarkable company with a 75 year history and solid business fundamentals, but it’s never faced a challenge like today.

Around 3 1/2 million people left the city in 2020. Many may never return. Add to that riots, surging crime, and draconian city taxes that make it nearly impossible to do business.

Many companies have already abandoned New York. However, it’s a little harder for Morton Williams to move its stores, so Kaner has decided to continue the fight.

Paul Greaney, the host of NTD Business, sat down with Kaner to hear just how difficult it’s been.