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General: China Space Abilities Threaten US

Would the United States defend Taiwan if China invaded the island? Biden is giving his most explicit statement so far.

The Pope says he’s ready to go to China, as a secret deal between Beijing and the Vatican is due for renewal.

Another American general is labeling China the United States’ biggest threat, this time involving the Space Force.

Starbucks has an ambitious expansion plan, planning to grow its stores in China despite widespread lockdowns.

And, 27 are dead in Southwest China. A bus accident is triggering pushback from locals against COVID-19 mandates.

Topics in this episode:

  1. U.S. Would Defend Taiwan If China Invades: Biden
  2. EU Lawmakers Condemn China’s Drills near Taiwan
  3. China’s Vice President Attends Queen’s Funeral
  4. Pope: I Am Always Ready to Go to China
  5. General: China Space Abilities Threaten U.S.
  6. Starbucks Plans to Open 9k China Stores by 2025
  7. Quarantine Bus Crashes in China, 27 Killed
  8. China’s Monthly Auto Sales Dropped in August
  9. Massive Earthquake Hits Taiwan
  10. Data: China Seeking 3M+ Cyber Security Workers
  11. Hoekstra: Energy Dependence on China ‘Huge Mistake’

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