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Do US Research Investments Benefit China?

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The biggest beneficiary of American tech research funding is China, not the United States.
The United States is trying to court Pacific countries away from Beijing, pledging to spend big dollars there.
Students in Chinese colleges are protesting against what they call a year-long lockdown.
An Australian port rented to China is under fresh scrutiny. The U.S. Navy uses the port to transport aircraft for military exercises, with Chinese workers present.
Vice President Kamala Harris is denouncing North Korea's "brutal dictatorship." She’s voicing strong criticism during her visit to the border between the North and South.
Topics in this episode:
  1. Do U.S. Research Investments Benefit China?
  2. U.S. Pledges $4.8 Million Funding for Pacific Nations
  3. China Lease of Australian Port Under Fresh Scrutiny
  4. VP Harris Denounces North Korea's 'Brutal Dictatorship'
  5. Britain to Spend $560M in Indo-Pacific
  6. Protests in Chinese Colleges: Lockdowns Lifted
  7. Luxury Slowdown? Chinese Snap Up Used Fendi, Gucci
  8. DOD Expert: China Trying to Influence U.s. Midterms
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