China in Focus (May 19): Xi Defends China’s Virus Response, Contradicting Public Record

May 19, 2020 Updated: May 20, 2020

A second district in the northeastern Chinese province of Jilin was upgraded to “high risk” amid an increase in virus cases. ⠀

Beijing tightened control measures again on the eve of the most important political event in China. The city remains under “wartime status.”

At Monday’s World Health Assembly, Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping said China shared the virus’ genome sequence as early as possible. But that contradicts even China’s own media reports. ⠀

A look at Huawei’s supply chain and what’s at stake for the company after the United States announced the latest crackdown on microchip sales to the Chinese telecom’s giant last week. ⠀

Trump warned the World Health Organization the United States will permanently cut all funding if the agency doesn’t make major changes to show it’s independence from China.

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