China In Focus (July 27): Unsolicited Seeds From China Arrive in US

July 27, 2020 Updated: July 28, 2020

Dozens of unsolicited seed packages from China, often labeled as jewelry, have popped up in residents’ mailboxes across nine U.S. states, alarming agriculture officials.

A major Chinese river’s water level is hitting a historic high, but several restaurants were located inside its embankment, and they were still open.

The U.S. consulate in Chengdu was closed, putting an end to its 35-year presence in the city. It received a mixed response from Chinese people.

In Hong Kong, Xinjiang, and northeastern provinces, CCP virus cases are surging. The head of China’s CDC went to a northeastern city. He made a similar trip months ago, but to Wuhan—the epicenter of the pandemic.

India has banned nearly 50 more Chinese-made smartphone apps, while an Indian court has summoned Alibaba’s founder, Jack Ma. The case relates to censorship and a former employee.

And the European Union is set to limit tech exports to Hong Kong. It covers equipment that could be used for repression or surveillance under the new law.

An Eastern European country joins other countries in Europe in speaking out against the Chinese Communist Party.

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