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18 Children Killed in School Fire in China

Eighteen kids have been killed in a school fire. Locked dorm room doors blocked their chance to escape. Now, their families are being silenced—and made to sign compensation agreements.

Armed police, caged pigeons, K-9 dogs—that’s the scene ahead of the Chinese Communist Party’s anniversary party. The regime is turning 100 in just a few days, and it’s kicking off the milestone with extravagant ceremonies, funded by taxpayers.

Hong Kong authorities arrest a senior journalist at the airport. He was trying to leave the city for the UK. The man had worked for now-closed pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily.

Foreign correspondents working for China’s state-run media may actually double as spies, according to a former editor-in-chief for a Chinese media outlet. He says he’s issued media IDs to Chinese intelligence personnel.

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