Woman Finds Lost Husky in the Woods Befriending Wild Deer After It Goes Missing for Days

April 12, 2019 Updated: April 16, 2019

Two-year-old husky Koda had a characteristically inquisitive nature. But her owners, Rachel Howatt and Clinton Subbik, had no idea how far Koda’s curiosity would take her when she ran away from their home in Manitoba, Ontario, one day in December of 2018.

Koda, our little hellion, has been missing since Thursday night, she had a camo collar on. if anyone’s seen or heard her…

Rachel Howatt 发布于 2018年12月22日周六

The woods seemed the most likely playground, so the couple began their hunt, appealing for assistance from neighbors and friends. Rachel and Clinton remained hopeful, however, that Koda knew her way home and would return eventually.

Proving them right, Koda came home of her own volition three days later, and the family was reunited amid tremendous relief. “In the end she just came back,” Rachel shared on Facebook. “She is really smart, so I didn’t doubt she could find her way home.”

Little did Koda’s family know what she had been up to in her rather eventful 72-hour absence.

Rachel Howatt 发布于 2016年12月28日周三

Dogs are pack animals, and lacking a canine chum with whom to roll about, sniff, dig, play, and generally satisfy their perennial curiosity, Koda found herself a friend in a most unlikely figure.

Garry Suderman, a Manitoba resident and local hunter, reached out to a somewhat bemused but ultimately delighted Rachel and Clinton with some photos. The photos depicted more than just the beauty of the local landscape, bathed in wintery frost. They showed Koda and the rather extraordinary acquaintance she had made on her foray through the forest.

Rachel Howatt 发布于 2019年3月1日周五

Garry’s photos, taken with exceptional clarity on his high-tech hunting camera, depicted a dog and a wild buck standing at close quarters in a snowy field. Within the course of 24 hours, a series of photos documented the pair interacting as though they were two members of the very same species. They sniffed one another, followed one another, and at night, they huddled together on the grass to keep warm.

“It’s pretty hard to believe at first, you know, that’s what she was doing all that time,” Rachel opened up. “We had no idea.”

Remember when I posted that Koda our little renegade husky was missing around Christmas time for a number of days? I…

Posted by Rachel Howatt on Friday, March 1, 2019

Positive Outlooks Blog found Michael Cove, a man with a similar story. Michael was studying the effects of free-ranging cats on small, endangered animals in the Florida Keys, and employed the use of hidden cameras. Much to his surprise, and adding a very unexpected element to his research, his footage revealed wild deer befriending cats, raccoons, and even a lone fox.

Licking, grooming, and petting behaviors between the animals were observed.

Rachel Howatt 发布于 2019年3月1日周五

Michael ventured that the animals may have just felt relaxed in the absence of predators, but it was most likely that all the animals he observed were motivated by curiosity.

Garry offered his unique perspective. As a hunter, he assumed that Koda was protecting the wild buck. “That is definitely the weirdest thing I’ve seen before,” Garry admitted, claiming that the photos represent a once-in-a-lifetime encounter, and an equally singular opportunity to capture the strange event on camera.

Rachel Howatt 发布于 2019年3月1日周五

The couple, however, attributed Koda’s amazing behavior to the fact that she’s an outgoing dog. “She just wants to be everybody’s friend,” Rachel said.

Nervous that Koda could dash off to find her new friend again at any moment, Rachel and Clinton took on a second dog to keep Koda company.

Fittingly, they named him Buck.