Viral Photos: Australian Woman Pregnant With Quintuplets Poses for Shoot

By Epoch Newsroom
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Epoch Newsroom
January 25, 2016 Updated: January 25, 2016

Photos of an Australian woman who is carrying five babies have gone viral.

The two pictures show Kimberly Tucci posing in two different outfits on a beach.

Tucci, who is already a mother to two children, is carrying quintuplets–four boys and one girl.

Photographer Erin Hoskins, who shared the pictures, described Tucci as an “absolutely stunning woman” and “a true goddess.”


This absolutely stunning woman (or shall I say goddess??) is expecting not one, but FIVE babies. Yes, you read that…

Posted by Erin Elizabeth Photography on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hoskins also praised Tucci for her decision not to terminate some of her babies. 

“After my initial ultrasound I was told I could consider the selection method to give 2 babies the best chance in life… I watched a YouTube video on the procedure and I cried, I could never do that! Was I selfish for not giving two the chance of 100% survival?? All I know is that I already love them, and with every heartbeat I hear, I connect with them more,” Tucci explained on her Facebook page.

All five babies are now healthy and are expected to arrive any day now.

The photos were taken at 24 weeks.


There is a story behind the photos and the pregnancy, though. Hoskins has been blogging about her pregnancy at “Surprised by Five,” and said recently that “It’s getting harder as each day passes to push through the pain, every part of my body aches and sleeping is becoming very painful.”

She said that she’s finding it hard to eat, and hard to walk. Her skin on her belly is also stretching.

But she ended on a high note, saying: “Is it all worth it? Yes!!!! I will keep pushing through.”