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Russell The Red Panda

2023 HD 14 Episodes
Russell the Red Panda is a 2D ‘funducational’ animated series about a young Red Panda named Russell. He lives in a tree in the forest with his family, near his best friend, Chuck, and Lorenzo. He’s funny, and his favorite pastime is learning new things.
EpisodesLimited Series
Mama and Papa arrange a surprise birthday party for Russell. Russell is sad because he thinks everyone has forgotten him. Then everyone comes out of hiding and sings happy birthday ...
Granny tells Chuck and Russell to play while she gets them snacks, but warns them to be careful with their ball. Chuck kicks the ball too hard for Russell to ...
The family is going on a picnic. As they leave, Mama realizes they’ve left Tessa behind. They fetch her and set up the picnic at the forest’s edge.
Mama tells Russell and Tessa how important it is to read. Papa arrives with a bunch of balloons. Tessa tries to eat one like an ice cream, and it pops. ...
Russell is starving and wants a sandwich. Mama couldn’t get to the shop because Tessa was sleeping, and Russell offered to go to Granny’s and get some stuff. While eating, ...
Mama and Papa go out and leave Russell in charge of baby Tessa. Chuck and Lorenzo arrive with Chuck’s solar-powered tablet. The battery goes down, so the boys go outside, ...
The boys sit at Granny’s, playing on their phones, eating snacks, and sipping hot chocolate. Granny has a problem with her computer. Chuck and Russell go inside to help her. ...
Papa tells Russell about the Olympics. Russell wants to be an Olympian and starts training. Chuck and Lorenzo decide to coach him.
Russell and Tessa are playing with mud, and Mama tells them to come inside and clean up, and explains germs and the need always to clean and sanitize. Papa sneezes ...
Russell learns about pirates. He wants to be a good pirate and practice sword fighting, destroying Mama’s flowers. Papa says you must do it outside and find some treasure. Chuck, ...
Mama and the kids are at home, sad. It’s the school holidays and it’s too expensive to go away. Papa comes home delighted. He’s been given a bonus and some ...
Mama won a full-day treatment at the spa. Papa is taking care of the kids and cooking. Russell entertains Tessa and breaks Mama’s vase.
Uncle Berti is having a meal at Granny’s. Mama and the children arrive and order jam tarts. Mama goes to help Granny in the kitchen, and the boys play soccer.
Papa and Uncle Berti are grilling food when Chuck arrives to play with Russell. Uncle Berti goes to fetch the ladies and stands on the rake, which knocks him on ...
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