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Bridge To Italy

2023 HD 5 Episodes
A group of Americans goes on a 15-day journey through Italy, traveling only by Vespa, and experiencing each city's local cuisine, art, and culture.
EpisodesLimited Series
American Vespa riders accept an offer of a lifetime to join Italian Vespisti hosting Vespa rallies throughout Central Italy. From Rome to the Region of Abruzzo, the adventure begins.
The Vespa rides throughout Abruzzo are breathtaking, and the cuisine unique to the region is incredible. The Americans experience a special tour of the Village of Bugnara and the City ...
The Americans experience the beautiful regions of Umbria and Tuscany, riding their Vespas through Spoleto, Sienna, and Florence. The art, cuisine, and majesty of these cities are discovered through generous ...
The American Vespa-lovers ride to Liguria on Italy's Mediterranean coast, and experience a second Vespa rally through the Cinque Terre on the Italian Riviera. The cuisine and hospitality of this ...
Riding South to Carrara, the American Vespisti ride to the ancient marble quarries that have yielded some of the world’s greatest sculptures. Before returning to Rome, the riders visit Museo ...
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