Video: Elephant Herd Runs to Greet New Orphan Baby Elephant at Sanctuary–So Adorable

June 8, 2019 Updated: June 15, 2019

It’s well known that animals such as elephants experience vivid emotions (as do other animals, such as dogs, dolphins, and even octopuses and bees). Elephants know friendship; they experience anger and, indeed, seek revenge sometimes; they even seem to be able to contemplate death. On a lighter note, elephants also love to fawn all over their adorable little ones—baby elephants—in the same way we humans do.

This is made abundantly clear by simply watching their reaction to the arrival of a new baby family member. A video was taken at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand; an orphaned baby elephant named Dok Geaw had just arrived at his new home at the sanctuary. Never will you see a warmer welcome than when the local park herd ran to welcome the new addition as if they couldn’t move their legs quickly enough to greet him and embrace him in their trunks.

It is good to see Khun Dej and Dok Geaw are joining together.Such a reward.

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Dok Geaw had been orphaned as a calf at just 4 months old. A kind woman named Khun Kanjana Silpa-archa had found and rescued Dok Geaw. She brought the baby elephant to an elephant sanctuary. After spending time at the Elephant Conservation Center in Laos, at the age of 1 year and 9 months, Dok Geaw was brought to the park in Chiang Mai, where he would meet his new family.

With plenty of help, workers placed the baby elephant safely in an enclosure. As soon as the local herd at the nature park heard the baby’s cries, though, there was no stopping them. The excitement  and joy expressed in their movements and sounds is breathtaking to watch. When they reach the enclosure, they are able to reach inside with their trunks and caress Dok Geaw adoringly, just like we might a puppy in a pet store. Meanwhile, sanctuary staff watched in awe. Just see for yourself in the video taken of the warm welcome:

The heartwarming video has, remarkably, been viewed some 6 million times after being posted online.

Enthused social media users commented on this touching video.

One user wrote: “Elephants have so much warmth, integrity and love within them. I loved watching the little baby run with the adults to go greet the new arrival that was cuteness galore. I love it when people treat animals with kindness and respect. Thank you for being so admirable.”

“So cute that they’re all so excited to get a new friend!” another user wrote.

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A third one commented, “Elephants are amazing, beautiful, sensitive animals.”

“That was real cute. I think, we humans must learn a lot from this…,” a fourth one wrote.

Dok Geaw may have lost his real family, but his new family’s embrace was no less warm. That day, he was introduced to Dok Mai, Sri Nuan, Dok Rak, Faa Mai, and Dok Ngern—the elephants of the Nature Park. Soon, Dok Geaw had made himself at home. According to sanctuary workers, Dok Geaw, not unlike other young toddlers, likes nothing more than lying around and playing in a sand pile.

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