Valentine’s Day Blues

February 8, 2014 Updated: April 24, 2016

Dear Kathy,

The thought of spending one more Valentine’s Day alone is unendurable. The heart and love themed window displays, lovey dovey television commercials, and even couples walking together on the street depress me. Am I being overly dramatic or is this a normal reaction to feeling like I’ll be alone for the rest of my life?


Dear Sarah,

Being currently single, albeit for a long time, doesn’t equal being single forever. I have compassion for your situation; most of us have felt the way you do at one time or another. My suggestion is to reframe your attitude in order at attract love.

More specifically, instead of walking around feeling rejected and unlovable, focus on what you want in your life – a committed partner. Harness your energy and direct it towards creating what you desire. Join a dating service, put up a profile on an online dating site, tell your friends that you are more than open to being set up on blind dates. Instead of focusing your gaze on couples who have what you don’t, keep your eyes peeled for available singles. 

Hopefulness is attractive to others whereas hopelessness turns people off. Attract the love you want by embracing a proactive attitude. I have faith in your ability to find love. Please update me on your progress!

All my best,