The Marketing Corner: The Power of Audio

September 19, 2015 Updated: September 20, 2015

Audio has the ability to be anywhere a consumer may be. You can find it on a variety of platforms including car, mobile devices, and desk/laptops.

Millions of Americans listen to audio content on a daily basis. This content runs the gamut from music genres to news and talk radio. Initially, there was some concern that once radio went digital, it would have a negative impact on the medium. Time has nullified this concern. And radio, although a traditional advertising vehicle, still maintains its clout with listeners across the country.

Two important ethnic groups, African-Americans and Hispanics, continue to value this medium (radio) and their listenership is solid and scalable.

Millions of Americans listen to audio content on a daily basis.

Historically, both groups valued radio because it was the one medium they could count on to gain local community news without the delay of waiting for it to be printed. In addition, for Hispanics, it was a means to receive in-language news and information about their country of origins while enjoying their favorite artists. This sense of community connection that radio afforded was instilled in their children. Hence, these are the humble beginnings of a long-standing relationship between Hispanics, African-Americans and radio.

Digital has been a game changer for radio! It has allowed their affinity of radio to be expressed in new ways to proliferate engagement. Nowadays, there are a variety of paid and free music platforms, such as Pandora, Spotify, iHeart Radio, and TuneIn. Each provides its own uniqueness to capture specific target audiences. Plus, platforms such as Pandora has negotiated deals with auto manufacturers to be included as part of the entertainment module of specified vehicles.

For business owners, this breeds opportunity to embed your brand and capture your desired customer base.

Most audio content programs can be created in a compelling style and be very cost-efficient. As you review plans for next year and factor in television’s cost of entry (it’s an election and Olympics year), consider whether an audio campaign could be an effective cost of entry point to your desired customers while staying within budget parameters.

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