The Marketing Corner: Social Media Generational Update—Millennials

Part 1 of a 3 part series
By Adele Lassere
Adele Lassere
Adele Lassere
July 27, 2014 Updated: July 27, 2014

In the world of marketing, behavior of millennials is a constantly evolving discussion.

After all, this group represents the future of consumerism. As such, the attention marketers showers on this target in an attempt to gain their business is substantial. Like all consumers at the beginning stages of their lifecycle, there are many needs and wants. This is a group of Americans that is the most ethnically diverse than any previous group. They grew up with technology. They are very socially active. They are politically active with many being liberal in their viewpoints and are generally not as religious as previous generations.

When it comes to starting a family, many millennials are delaying marriage and children. Reasons could stem from excessive college debt or an interest in pursuing career aspirations.

There are few more points to note about marketing to millennials. This group is typically born after 1981, and enjoys sports, celebrity news, and hip-hop music. They are not as interested in traditional news, but are plugged into social media and BuzzFeed.

Millennials are also big on social television. Key shows that have won over their attention over include Scandal, the Walking Dead, and sports programming such as NBA basketball and MLB baseball. Many tweets take place during this type of programming.

They also tend to complain the most versus any previous generation. They constantly use social media as a vehicle to sound off on many topics. Lastly, millennials prefer to interact with companies that are authentic to them and who are community involved

These facts can assist in developing a relevant marketing communication to millennials. Small business owners can take advantage of their nimble size to change the tide of their communications to this group. Smaller businesses can make immediate marketing changes to impact upcoming sales. The key to this group is to be very transparent and relevant.

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