The Marketing Corner: Customer Experience

March 15, 2015 Updated: March 15, 2015

The economic slump has taken its toll on businesses, individuals, as well as the government.

The performances of a few industries (namely retail and construction) are providing a lens into potential consumer purchase intent. The fact is, to the consumer there really aren’t drastic differences in many product or service offerings. The internet has equalized the information available to any user.

Consumers have, at their fingertips, the ability to search, compare and read reviews on a variety of products and services.

Businesses are settling into the cold reality that the fight for market share is harder than it has ever been in previous years. Hence, marketing plans are constantly undergoing review and tweaks. One thing is clear—the businesses that win are providing superior customer experiences.

So, this old idea of customer experience is leading many marketers to consider the following:

  • How does one deliver consistent experience?
  • How can you personalize or create messaging that is one-to-one on a mass basis?
  • How do you take the data available and turn it into actionable objectives?
  • How do you give the customer what they want and still make the ROI you are seeking?

The consumer’s purchase journey is becoming even more complex. There are multiple channels available. The information should be immediate and the interaction with the consumer should be seamless and personalized.

With all this to consider, it definitely places stress on business resources (money, people and infrastructure). Businesses need to decide how they can provide the best experience and how this could assist in setting yourself apart from competitors. In the end, this is one more weapon in your marketing arsenal to deploy and build loyalty for your brand.

Adele Lassere is a marketing/advertising consultant with 20+ years experience, freelance writer and author of “Elements of Buying” (self-help advertising guide); available at Adele was listed as Black Enterprise’s 2011 Top Execs in Marketing & Advertising and Black Enterprise’s 2013 Top Women Executives in Advertising & Marketing. Contact: