The Marketing Corner: Crack the Habit

By Adele Lassere
Adele Lassere
Adele Lassere
August 6, 2013 Updated: August 5, 2013

There is a new addiction happening in the U.S. This addiction is only getting stronger. What is this? The smartphone, of course.

Consumers are so attached to this device that they may be found using it in activities that many may have believed, at one point in time, to be taboo. Been at a restaurant lately and watched patrons using their phones even if sitting with friends or relatives? Sat in your place of worship and eyed someone peeking at their emails or texting? Were you in a movie theater and saw the glare of someone’s phone on as they used social media to make a post? This list could go on indefinitely.

But the real point here is the need for marketers to “crack” consumer’s habits in order to be effective at delivering communication messages to them.

As smartphone penetration and consumer’s dependence of such devices continues to grow, it is clear that small business owners need to consider their plan of attack to capture their desired target audience.

Consumers are using their phones throughout the day, including when watching television, driving in the car, etc. Given the importance of smartphones, business owners should develop their strategies to include this mobile device.

Consider including an app for your business that not only provides direct access to your business but allows users a shortcut to get to you and valuable information about your company in seconds. Since many consumers gather information right from their smartphones, this allows business owners to capture the user and provide a meaningful user experience via an app.

Another habit that consumers are using their phone for is to play games. Games are not just being played by younger demographics. You can capture moms as well as many older age groups. Again, the key is to develop a robust experience on smartphones. The better the experience, the longer consumer will spend on your site.

Consumers are constantly gathering information prior to making a purchase. Many consumers are using smartphones to complete this task. Sometimes this is done right in your competitor’s brick & mortar location. Also, consider using behavioral and re-targeting marketing to enhance overall delivery of your mobile messages. Final tip of the day: be everywhere your target is!

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