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The China Connection to Biden’s Classified Documents Scandal | The Larry Elder Show | EP. 114

We’ve all heard about Hunter Biden’s business dealings in China and father Joe’s knowledge and financial benefit from Hunter’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski. Is there a connection between China and the Biden classified documents? According to Paul Kamenar, the Lead council for the National Legal and Policy Center, there is. 

The new mayor of Los Angeles has issued an emergency declaration on homelessness. Watch the reaction of Paul Scrivano, a former business owner in Sherman Oaks who had been slamming the city council over the crime crisis after video shows a homeless man throwing a bag of poo at him.

Remember Doug Adler, the tennis analyst who was fired by ESPN after the “gorilla/guerrilla” controversy? He was branded a racist, his reputation was destroyed, and he went on to suffer a heart attack, all because he said “Venus is all over her. And you’ll see Venus move in and put the guerrilla effect on, charging” when commenting on Venus Williams’ second-round match against Stefanie Voegele at the 2017 Australian Open.

Six years later, Doug Alder sits down with Larry Elder to talk about the injustice he suffered from the big corporation and mainstream media.

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