Taiwan Earthquake: Drone Footage Shows Crumbled Building

February 8, 2016 Updated: February 8, 2016

Drone footage shows the damage done by the 6.4-magnitude earthquake that shook Taiwan on Feb. 6. 

The majority of the destruction came from the collapse of a high rise building block in Tainan where it once housed more than 250 people.

At least 38 people have died, and more than 200 were rescued from the rubble, but another 100 people are believed to be still buried under the debris.

The clip shows a mass rescue operation underway involving more than 1,200 firefighters, police, and army troops.

The Taiwanese government sent an investigation team to look into the collapse of the building after emergency workers discovered tin cans were used as construction filler in the walls, according to Focus Taiwan.

However, an engineer reported that, “for such purposes in construction it was not illegal prior to September 1999, but since then styrofoam and formwork boards have been used instead.” The particular high rise building is the only one out of 11 that completely collapsed.


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