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Survivor Recounts Escaping Flooded Tunnel

A 60-foot-long bus was dragged out of a tunnel in flood-hit Zhengzhou city. It was completely submerged in water. Now, questions abound. Where are the passengers?

A survivor that escaped the deadly tunnel is telling his story. He says the water rose too fast, and many people couldn’t make it to safety.

What made the flood in Zhengzhou so deadly? Analysts say it has to do with authorities discharging water from local reservoirs without warning.

There are more natural disasters in China. The floods are continuing in central China, a typhoon hits Shanghai, and a Northwestern city is suffering a rare sandstorm.

U.S. efforts to prevent Beijing’s technology theft are dealt a blow. The Justice Department dropped charges against five Chinese researchers. They were arrested last year, accused of hiding their ties to the Chinese military.

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