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Stopping the Rise of Adolf Hitler

In this historical fiction revisit of the rise of Adolf Hitler, Herbert J. Stern and Alan Winter have created a series focused on the rise of Hitler and the attempt to stop it. “Sins of the Fathers” is the sequel to the acclaimed series debut “Wolf” and follows the protagonist Friedrich Richard, an SS officer and confidant of Hitler who works tirelessly to bring down one of history’s most ruthless and wicked tyrants. In this conversation, Stern discusses the book, the protagonist, and what historians get wrong about Hitler.

Herbert J. Stern is a partner and founding member in the law firm of Stern Kilcullen & Rufolo and the author of several works, including “Diary of a DA,” “Judgment in Berlin,” and “Trying Cases to Win” (five volumes). He was also special counsel for Hon. Lawrence Walsh, independent counsel for the Iran-Contra Prosecution. He is a fellow of the American Bar Foundation and the American Law Institute.

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