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Secret Behind Anti-CRT School Board Wins; Is Build Back Better Mass Amnesty?

It was true for Virginia’s gubernatorial race and for many school board elections across the country this month—a key issue was the debate over teaching critical race theory (CRT) in K–12 classrooms. What’s less known is the secret sauce behind why many anti-CRT candidates won at the local level. Ryan Girdusky, who founded the “1776 Project” PAC tells us all about it.

Next, in America Q&A we ask: Do you feel confident that COVID-19 vaccines are safe for pregnant women and unborn babies?

Then, the giant, nearly 2,500-page Build Back Better Act is packed with provisions that most of us know little about, including immigration reform. What could change? A lot, according to Ken Cuccinelli, former deputy secretary of Homeland Security. He says the bill amounts to amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants.

Finally, in our second America Q&A: Do you think illegal immigrant families separated at the border under President Donald Trump should be paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation?

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