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Racism Is Not Systemic in America | Real Talk

The greatest crisis of our time is the continued effort to divide the country by putting a name on everything and pitting one group against another. A country divided cannot stand. Democrats have labeled America as having “systemic racism” to slow black Americans from achieving their success. I call hogwash.

Remember these words of Booker T. Washington: “I am afraid that there is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don’t want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public.”

The left will push “systemic racism,” and any other topic that will cause controversy and turmoil between Americans, in the belief it will enable them to gain and maintain the power and control over the people they desire. Unfortunately, in today’s current society, it appears to be working. The question is, how long will it be until the majority of Americans get wise to their tactic(s) and decide that the government works for them, the American people, and not the other way around. 

This whole systemic racism thing is wasted breath. Slavery, including white slavery, has existed for thousands of years. Each person has to take personal responsibility to make the most out of the opportunities available to them. And there is tremendous opportunity to get ahead available to every American citizen. But we have to make good decisions based on solid values and ethics to convert those opportunities into personal success.

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